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Museum Hurtgen Forest

The theme of the Museum 'Hürtgenwald 1944 und im Frieden' (Museum Hurtgen Forest 1944 and in peacetime), is the Battle of the Hürtgenwald. The Battle of the Bulge is more known, but this battle is certainly comparable in human loss. The museum wants to keep alive the memory of this costly battle in which tens of thousands of soldiers lost their lives.

The museum is also the starting point of a historic walk of about 10 km. This walk takes you along the furious combatted locations such as the bridge over the river Kail, with the monument on the bridge "A Time for Healing", the Sanitätsbunker Simonskall, the Mestrenger Mill and the German Military Cemetery Vossenack.

Admission fees
Adults: € 4, - per person
Children / young people under 18 years or discount: € 2, - per person
Family ticket: € 8, -

Opening Hours
From the first Sunday in March until the last Sunday of November, from 11.00 - 17.00


  • Visit to the First Aid bunker (when open)
  • Guided tour (advance reservations at National Park Infocentre Zerkall 49 24 27-90 90 26)
  • Free parking

A number of books on this "Battle of the Hurtgen Forest":

Museum Hurtgenwald
Pfarrer-Dickmann-Straße 21 - 23